Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Suq Mahatah Mesr

Suq Mahatah Mesr.

5 minutes later. Krik. Krik.

Ok. Stop making that ugly looking face. It is obviously showing that you just did not understand what am i trying to say or write. Actually, I did not know either. Time fly so fast and I just spend my new year moment lying on my bed (due to headache). Sorry to Sha (she's having her 18th birthday party tonight and I did not participate that gleeful party).  I really hope you're having a blast night ! XOXO-sincerely cutest-me

Okay. Suq= Market. Mahatat Mesr=kinda railways / bus station.

Due to the termination of word PHYSIC in my life, as i just finished my physic final examination. Me and 2 of my friends went to this Suq.

Purple hijab=Izzati . Grey hijab= Amirah

  We went to this market straight away from our faculty by a cab. We were lost for a few minute. Asked an egyptian woman for a direction and tadaa~ we found this Suq.

There are many things in this market. It have a large area. You name it, and you can have it all here(exclude, Prada limited edition handbag, Zarra collection etc). Oranges were abundance here. With the help of lighting effect of the bulb, the oranges seem more like a golden nuggets to me.

I told ya !

    All the prices were dirt cheap. You can have nus-kilo (half-kilo) of strawberries at a price of 5L.E which is RM2.50 in Malaysia and I'm pretty sure you can get more if you know how to bargain and tackle all those monger. Especially, if you know how to communicate with them by using their language (ammiyah masriyah).

 Zati bought a kilo of melon seeds (if i'm not mistaken) and a nus kilo of strawberries. I bought a nus kilo of strawberries too. Mira bought nothing. But lucky her, she got a good price when she bought a nus kilo of strawberries at a price of 4L.E at a stall near our hostel. Maybe that's what we called Rezeki. *nevermind-looking-face*

This day was awesome. Eventhough, it does not feel right when the three of us had this feeling. I mean the freakinly exciting feeling like you guys give a 5-years-old kid a lollipop. :) but when I come to think of it maybe it all happen because of this picture.

One of our colleagues post this picture on facebook with the hashtag "#feelslikeinthailand". 

Maybe the picture has influenced the three of us. The suq is still a suq. If you see it with your negative thinking you can note that 1) There was rubbish everywhere 2) The cleanliness of the suq is extremely horrible. 3)You know you can get a better place to buy all the groceries.

but hey yo! don't be a pessimistic ! train your mind to be positive thinking !

This entry ends with the-excited-face of mine.

* i wore my bag that way because of my bad experience of being pickpocketed *
*i actually still don't see what the purpose of posting this entry*
-but do enjoy-



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