Friday, December 4, 2015

Supadent and me!


Supadent!!! *cheer*

20 November 2015, Supadent (my futsal team) won the 3rd Place in Futsal Charity Cup and I'm so happy about it. Alhamdulillah. Eventhough, tak dapat first place, but it's okay. Practice pun dua kali je. So bolehhlaa~

I don't know how i'm so into this futsal thingy but one thing for sure I really liked it--loved it! maybe sebab zaman sekolah dulu tak pernah terpilih jadi athlete, Main bola jaring/keranjang/baling pun tak reti. Merentas desa pun bagi markah corot dekat pasukan rumah. So, bila dapat masuk team futsal ni rasa macam syoknyaaalah weeiiii!!!

I played as defense this time and it was quite good. Never thought I have that ability though, to actually run in the field, haha :) (since I was only the goalkeeper back in 2013)

There is one point that I wanted to share. It's about how weird life can be, when you love something that you're not good at it. I'm not the captain of this team nor one of the strikers. I'm not good at handling the ball and also not very good at strategizing the game. That's where the weird part come; It's that eventhough i'm bad at this, I still would give 100% of my commitment to it.

So yeah! That's how weird life is!

P/S: Have you experienced something like this? To love something that you're terrible at?