Friday, January 18, 2013

winter break

I'm preparing for my first winter break holiday. Quite nervous but I know it's gonna be fun. My friends and I will flying off to Turkey this jan 19. Starting from now,we're backpackers. sound interesting isn't it?Being a backpackers in a group of girls only (no boys)!

This shows that girls can also do what boys can do. 

We're Powerpuff girls!!

errr, I think I rather choose 

Totally Spies



It is one of my favourite words. It's something that I will always looking for. For me adventure is when you experienced something new in your life and gain something.
For example, when you ride a bicycle and then you fell down because you cycled so fast on a sandy road. From that day, you learned that you must always be careful. noted:This story is based on my experience. T_T

For me, it was an adventure as I experienced something new and gain lesson from it. I fell and got hurt. Everyone has their own kind of adventure in their life. Everyday, people do go through an adventure. We experienced different things in our life and learn something beneficial from those experiences.  

As our experiences are different, i would like to share mine with all of you. Insya-Allah, the next post will be about my experiences in Turkey. Hope you'll pray for our safety.

Btw, this is the detail of my journey. We will ride a bus on 10.30a.m on jan19 to Cairo international airport and board a turkish airlines flight(TK)-695,Boeing 737-800 on 9.25p.m. :)

Our first tickets to travel

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