Friday, December 27, 2013

Legoland, Malaysia


Apparently, I'll be talking about "Legoland, Malaysia" this time.

We all went there on last 14th October.Well, that's about the last 3 months.

First of all, Legoland is an awesome place to go with your family/friends.

According to the map, Legoland has 6 attraction for the visitors.
1) Miniland
2) Imagination
3) Lego Technic
4) Lego Kingdoms
5) Land of Adventure
6) Lego City

For More Information, just click the link:

1)Get the Tourist Map and tick all the places you have go. Just to be sure that you don't miss any of the fun ! :)

2) Once you enter the Legoland, Go to Lego Technic and book a session for Lego Academy which provide a Lego Mindstorm where you can have an experience with robot.

Ohh, I thought I'm too old enough for this session until I noticed......ehem. Sory Pakcik!

"Just use your immaaaaaagiinaaation"-spongebob

This one is called Kids Power Tower. There's also Build&Test, Observation Tower, Lego Studio 4D and not to forget toddlers attraction such as Duplo Express & Duplo Playtown


Lego Kingdom

Here they have: Castle Stage, Merlin's Challenge, Dragon's Apprentice, The Dragon, The Forestman Hideout and Royal Joust.

For me, I enjoyed Lego Kingdom more than others.

Land of adventure

Sorry, There's no pic here. Well, it's too adventurous though. The only picture we have is the one we bought for the roller coaster.[The pic sell here is more cheapeeeerr than USS. You have to pay around RM100 for 1 pic at USS but here, u can get one for only RM30]

ahh! and there's one thing. When you go there, make sure you prepared to get wet, you don't know when u'll get SPLASH. Haha :D

Attraction they have here are Bettle Bounce, Dino Island, Pharaoh's Revenge and The Lost Kingdom. 


Mini JB :)
Lego City

This part is suitable to those who have a younger children to entertain.
They have Rescue Academy, Lego City Stage, Lego City Airport, Legoland Express, Boating School, Shipyard, and driving school.

Rescue Academy. FYI: This one is really tiring.

Boating School
Lego City Stage

For restaurant, compared to USS,1) the decoration is more simpler. 2)The stalls is fewer and 3) they don't have many attractive designs of water bottles.

Lastly, just go and have fun there.^_^ 
Plus, we have to be proud that it is Malaysia's 1st International Theme Park.

Lots of Love,