Sunday, October 28, 2012

morning walk

haloo-haloo readers and assalamualaikum :)

hey we meet again. yess!! today. erm,err.. this night actually. Now in Egypt, it's already 12.45 a.m. Ouch! Damn! it actually supposed to be morning. well, WHATEVA!

this M-O-R-N-I-N-G i just want to share a little story of mine. naaah~
Juz want to share how i spend my first day of eidul adha holidays for the FIRST time in Egypt. It's just a  simple activity but really-really-really-really Refreshing.

From the title u should already know what did i did right? yeah! we're juz take a walk at the beach.

that's my floormate: Zati and Mira

Not intend to write much: we did nothing at all actually. juz taking pictures: posing: and feeling like we were Maya Karin in Ombak Rindu. really big big HAHA ! ! !

friends 4 ever: till jannah: insyaAllah
 I'm very grateful that my hostel is near the beach. The distance is like stone throw's away. We can reach the beach in less than 7 minutes. Believe me.
taking a morning walk is really a good stress treatment. *well, we're juz having our first quiz a day before. ngee :D and it is really refreshing. hehe

k, till then readers. happy day!

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